How ETS Engagement Tools Can Help Your Cause this Season

Did you know…

Millennials will rally behind causes they care about—and will stand behind a brand that does the same, with 70 percent of them reporting that they’ll spend more with brands that support causes. Given that millennials represent $2.45 trillion in spending power, the notion of “giving back” may be very powerful for your property leases, not to mention, it’s overall purpose.  
– Omnicom Group’s Cone Communications Survey

One way to boost satisfaction is by engaging tenants for good, and the holiday season is a perfect time in CRE to support a good cause while garnering participation at your property.

Why Hosting Charitable Events at Your Property this Holiday Season Matters

Being a champion for charitable giving helps those in need, but for CRE it also helps boost a property’s morale and reputation.  Engaging tenants and promoting an event tells tenants they are more than just another lease. Including tenants in initiatives for good helps foster a sense of community and provides tenants the opportunity to meet other people that they normally wouldn’t within the property, all for a meaningful purpose.

Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ comprehensive Communications Tools provide a great vehicle for helping client properties promote annual charitable initiatives.  A manager can boost engagement by:

  • posting events on the property calendar
  • scheduling preprogrammed email messages
  • posting alerts during the event

These tools not only help management bolster awareness but drive the necessary tenant engagement for a successful property goodwill effort.

How Engagement Tools Can Help Your Cause

The holiday season is a great time to promote philanthropic initiatives, but managers often wonder how to get started.  Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ Communications Application provides a great vehicle for helping management promote annual charitable initiatives with their tenant population. Deploying tools like property email,  text and website banner alerts to solicit suggestions for charity events that can be run on-site is a great way to get your tenants involved. Scheduling events on the property calendar, preprogramming email messages, and posting alerts during the event, cannot only bolster awareness but drive tenant engagement and boosts property satisfaction points. Your tenants will respect the fact that you take their passions into consideration, commit to hosting an event on the property, and deliver on promises to help them accomplish their goals.

Learn How to Boost Tenant Participation in Property Holiday Drives!

Tips for Getting Started

1. Crowdsource Ideas. Use ETS communications tools like email, text and website banners to engage tenant population to weigh in on charitable giving ideas. Ask them what they want the company to take on to give back to the community this month.

After interviewing 216 executives at Fortune 200 companies,
Weber Shandwick and KRC Research found that 44 percent had used crowdsourcing to generate ideas for the company’s social responsibility programming and 95 percent who had tried it found it valuable.

2. Garner Tenant Support.  Tenants can manage their preferences in the property Contact Management app so they can choose to participate in charitable events or opt out.  This helps management better target their pool of supporters – it makes the onboarding for help and participation and engagement that much easier and responsive.

3. Plan.  Reach out and work with the charity your property will be supporting.  Choose a date or date range for your event and post it on your property’s building calendar – include links and downloads as well as calendar notifications.  You can set it as a recurring event each year!  Change the image on the home page of your Electronic Tenant® Portal to include charity and holiday messages. With one click communication planning, you can send an email out to your group each time you post an event on the calendar.

4. Execute.  You can meet regularly with tenant representatives to help relieve the planning burden often placed on management.  Organize your volunteer groups within the contact management system so you can target important planning communications for those who are on the event committee.  All Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ communications apps have link and download capabilities allowing you to put more information at everyone’s fingertips – forms, invitations, calendar events, progress updates, photos – almost anything can be included.

The partnership you create with tenants for giving back has far more on-the-ground results and goodwill than a property owner mandating a blanket corporate social responsibility program.  Using property technology can help you plan, engage and execute with your tenant support to make it a success.

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