Email Notifications Encourage Tenant Participation… For Good

Email Notification is key to helping management teams raise awareness and participation in property holiday charity initiatives while easing the administrative burden.

Each holiday season, properties around the country participate in charity drives putting the task on managers to raise awareness for chosen initiatives; this, among many other management end-of-year responsibilities. Having the right tools to help promote these charitable initiatives not only relieves the administrative burden, and saves precious time, it drives success in reaching and engaging tenants. Below are two client examples of how they used the email notification app to drive participation this holiday season.

The Akridge management team organized holiday portraits this December at the Homer Building using ETS communication tools to raise awareness and participation from its tenants.


This year, the  Hines team at Williams Tower supported pediatric cancer research and improving the lives of children at Texas Children’s Cancer Research Center.  It utilized Email Notifications to drive awareness in this mission with its partners, Trees for Life and the Ronald McDonald House.


Marquis features of the Email Notification App:

  • Streamlined Creation / Edit Wizard
  • Create, View, Save and Reuse Messages
  • Message Categorization
  • Individual / Group Capability
  • Multiple Property / Portfolio Messaging
  • Formatting Toolbar
    (bold, underline, italics, bullets, alignment, colors, multiple fonts, etc.)
  • Multiple Attachments
  • Standard & Customized Templates
  • Signature Capabilities
  • Schedule by Date & Time
  • Improved / Expedited Addressing
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Preprogrammed – Pre-distribution Message Reminders

View the video demo of the  Email Notification Application.

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