Best of the Best: AMA Plaza, BOMA360 + ETS


At AMA Plaza,  BOMA’s “BOMA 360” program has been a definitive and proven road map to success, and Electronic Tenant® Solutions apps and services employed there, have provided the compass, engine and fuel to rapidly navigate it.

In the video below, Riverview Realty Partners own Courtney Stern, discusses how BOMA 360 has helped her and the AMA property management team to structure a clear path to better operational practices which resulted in local, regional and ultimately an international TOBY Award for the over 1 million sf category.  Courtney mentions the program and operational tools which have helped them form a panoramic view of the building, ensuring the measured improvement in operations and maintenance for increased tenant satisfaction.


Electronic Tenant Solutions’ comprehensive property management apps and corresponding services provide a complete solution for those properties seeking a BOMA 360 designation or as a road map to incremental improvement.”

Some highlights:

Ultimately, ETS helps owners and managers get on the path to creating a better building, one that surpasses the competition.  Our client Riverview Realty Partners and their property at the AMA Plaza in Chicago have certainly proven their adaption of tools for building excellence on their journey to TOBY.

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