Your Success is Our Success


“ETS by far has given me some of the best customer service I have ever received by a company….they choose skilled employees and train them to go above and beyond their job duties… Kudos to ETS for all you do!”

– Dawn Donegan, Holladay Properties

ETS’ Training and Support Remains Key to Value and Client Success

The advent and rapid adoption of technology, particularly among Commercial Real Estate, has left many flummoxed. The promise of game changing apps are often lost. The capacity to unlock value is frequently mired in a lack of documentation, inexperienced resources and impersonal, marginally accessible support. Too often, the provision of a username and password is the end of a relationship.

“To get a substantial Return on Investment (ROI) with Software as a Service (SaaS) you really need to leverage the ‘service,'”  says Ian E. O’Neil, Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ President and CEO. “It is a strong customer service and continuing education platform – tailored to a client’s aspirations – that delivers optimal app usage, facilitates best practices, disrupts antiquated process, advances careers and empowers meaningful, valuable change.”

According to an article by Gainsight, client satisfaction and successful tech integration calls for three things: 

Solution – a software product that delivers on its value proposition and provides real-time visibility on how its clients are using its products

Strategy – consistent and proactive retention of clients and strengthening of relationships

Team – an internal group of DOERS who not only respond to problems quickly and seamlessly, but also proactively ensure all clients are fully engaged with the technology and getting the value they expect out of the product and out of the trainings and education modules

All Hands on Deck – Commitment to Superlative Customer Service is Integral to ETS’ Culture

“Customer satisfaction is becoming one of the most important factors across all technology sectors, and is turbo-charged by customer service,” notes Bryn Jerome, ETS’ VP of Account Management. “While an apps’ basic capabilities are often accessible, it is a committed, experienced partner, with a deep bench of expertise, that makes all the difference.”

Things to Look for in Assessing Customer Support:

  • Dedicated Senior Account Manager – An individual who is intimately familiar with the industry, client company leadership, asset managers, individual properties and the people that comprise every property management team.
  • A Team of Seasoned Experts – A robust and all-inclusive professional support team that provides the following skill set: graphic design, programming, communications, workflow, copywriting, clerical services and training / education. This team is at every property’s disposal day in and day out.
  • Deployment – “Do-It-Yourself” is nice in theory, but not in reality – you have enough to do. Get a team that does the heavy lifting; from collecting the requisite materials, and affirms the continuation of the property brand, content and data needs, to the facilitation of property-by-property customization and programs apps, and provides and populates content, understands and optimizes workflow.
  • Training & Education – This is a specific curriculum that gets property teams (and tenants) expeditiously using applications, and includes regular continuing education to drive application utilization. Additionally, exclusive training sessions should be provided to foster continued collaboration that leverages best practices in operations goals and objectives. Both training and education participation as well as application utilization must be monitored to ensure optimal application usage.
  • Accessibility – Multi-channel access to support is key to satisfaction.  Provide clients seamless and fast connections to the support leadership and team how you want to – in-person, phone, email, chat, video conference, screen share, web conference.
  • Cost: It needs to be FREE, included in the annual or monthly fee for the software. You don’t want to worry about being nickeled and dimed to get the most out of your investment. You don’t want your people reluctant to ask questions for fear of a bill. You don’t want to wait in line behind the guy who bought the support package.

A proactive and holistic approach not only applies to the technology we develop, but also to the service we provide.  With a dedicated Account Management team who is there from day one of deployment, to our committed Education and Training team who keeps existing clients informed and up-to-date on product updates, new features and best practices, to our support staff with anytime access to product resources, ETS understands what it means to be present and responsive to our clients’ needs.






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