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Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ Communications Application provides a great vehicle for helping local BOMA associations promote annual charitable initiatives.  Scheduling events on the property calendar, preprogramming email messages, and posting alerts during the event, cannot only bolster awareness but drive tenant engagement and boosts property satisfaction points.

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BOMA Chapters Host Annual Holiday Drives, Engage Properties to Participate

As we experience the holiday season, BOMA local associations shine a light on important causes and engage their property membership to give back to their communities.  They utilize email and other modes of communication to create awareness and engage tenant occupants to participate, and ensure success of the event.

In partnership with the San Francisco Fire Department’s annual holiday toy drive, BOMA San Francisco has posted it’s request for toys during their membership holiday gathering.

BOMA Chicago is hosting Toys from the Top this month with its Emerging Leader Program. The holiday toy drive will benefit Horizons for Youth, a non-profit in the city of Chicago dedicated to help families and students from low resource communities.

Greater Los Angeles Chapter of BOMA promotes their annual toy drive. Membership properties utilize targeted emails to its tenant base to encourage participation.boma_toydrive_site1b“BOMA/GLA and over 200 of its building members collectively facilitate the process of obtaining and disbursing donated toys. It is an annual event that highlights the spirit of giving during the holiday for children.”

Is there a BOMA Chapter near you? Check the interactive map and find out what is going on in your neck of the woods and see where you and your tenants can pitch in for good.




Once you nail down your charitable event, use ETS Apps for engaging tenants in your goodwill effort:

  • Post Building Calendar events related to the holidays – include links and downloads as well as calendar notifications.  Set these as recurring events!
  • Use Instant Alert postings, email and text/SMS to raise awareness and provide updates on charitable drives.
  • Use Email Notification to create holiday decorated emails promoting events and charitable endeavors.
  • Change the image on the home page of your Electronic Tenant® Portal to include charity and holiday messages.
  • All Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ communications apps have link and download capabilities allowing you to put more information at everyone’s fingertips – forms, invitations / calendar events, progress updates, photos – almost anything can be included.

BONUS! Community Impact Gains Points with BOMA 360

Earning the prestigious BOMA 360 designation demonstrates that a building is outperforming the competition across all areas of operations and management. It also translates into measurable savings and operational efficiencies, as well as, higher levels of tenant satisfaction.

There are 6 categories that are reviewed in the BOMA 360 application. Although it’s just one category, Tenant Relations / Community Involvement can still add value to a property looking to apply for the designation. Among the requirements,  property management must demonstrate its property’s impact on the community, whether through events held onsite, or events sponsored by the property.  Management teams that harness ETS Communications – like email notifications, text alerts and scheduled calendar events – to notify tenants regarding community or charitable campaigns, can track and report on these efforts, and ultimately apply them to requirements for BOMA 360.

emailnotification_shotsDownloadable Reports from ETS Dashboard Shows Email Campaign Effort


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