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“94 percent of tenants in BOMA 360 buildings report high overall satisfaction.” – Kingsley Associates

How Do You Differentiate Your Property and Achieve Higher Tenant Satisfaction in an Increasingly Competitive Industry? 

BOMA’s “BOMA 360” program is a definitive and proven road map to success. Electronic Tenant® Solutions apps and services provide the compass, engine and fuel to rapidly navigate it.

Electronic Tenant Solutions’ comprehensive property management apps and corresponding services provide a complete solution for those properties seeking a BOMA 360 designation or as a road map to incremental improvement. Ultimately, ETS helps owners and managers get on the path to creating a better building, one that surpasses the competition.

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ETS’ Electronic Tenant® Portal is an invaluable informational hub.

A Differentiator in the Marketplace

In an ever-increasing competitive landscape, CRE stakeholders often seek highly coveted performance awards and designations to stand out from the competition. BOMA360 sets the standard for operational best practices in the commercial real estate industry in key operations and management areas. Often the requirements for such a designation can seem daunting to those owners and managers seeking improvement.

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Communication is critical to success – desktop, mobile, email and text based on tenant preferences.

A Holistic Approach is Key to Best Practices

Because one size does not fit all for each property, a comprehensive suite of resources from a single source can save time and money for the owner and manager seeking to meet the requirements for best practices.  ETS is proven in meeting such standards.

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State of the art work order management drives efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

Property and asset management software tools that promote: proactive tenant engagement, operational efficiency, preparedness, mitigated energy use and sustainability will allow owners and managers to gain the ground they need for meaningful advancement…in all areas or one at a time.

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Adroit preventative maintenance delivers immeasurable value.

ETS Offerings Support 6 KEY AREAS of BOMA 360 Performance Program

Operations and Management Tools to Increase Efficiency and Tenant Engagement

Preventative Maintenance Tools with Mobile Task Management – real time optimization of equipment performance helping engineers and owners gauge health of the property.

Service Request System – powerful operations tool delivering agile and highly efficient work order management.

Designee Management – easy to use capability for managing third party vendors and engineers within the operations environments.


LifeSafety Training– providing tools to help you and your staff prepare.

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Promote safety, security and preparedness.

Tools to promote and document preparedness and understanding of procedures required in mitigating circumstances.

Videos for Life Safety TrainingFire, Medical Emergency, Shelter In Place, Bomb Threat, Fire Warden Preparedness Video Training

Prepared Portal – hub for preparedness protocols for reference at any time.

Electronic Tenant Portal – portal operations education, best practices, workflow process/efficiencies, mobilized work force, actionable data

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Optimal energy use provides substantial financial and environmental benefit.

Energy Management Software
– providing real time energy usage feeds for tenants engages tenant involvement and engagement, results in substantial energy cost mitigation.

Preventative Maintenance Tools with Mobile Task Management – real time optimization of equipment performance helping engineers and owners gauge health of the property.

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Tools to plan and implement conservation efforts in and around the property. Communication tools to engage tenants and communicate initiatives along with having real time data at your fingertips create tenant affinity and engagement.

Electronic Tenant® Portal

Sustainable Property Portal

Sustainability Campaigns

Energy Star, LEED, Sustainability Performance Data Integration

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Engage, educate and empower tenants.

Electronic Tenant® Portal, communications apps, proactive tenant engagement, Mobile Property, tech value to brand, topical content.

Plan: Schedule an event or initiative in your Calendar app, have it recur each year.

Community: Assemble your contacts in one place for easy seamless communication and organization

Alert: notify your property of events and initiatives via banner notices on your property website.

Notify – send customized email and text messages as reminders.

BOMA360 designation is not an award; it is something all buildings can achieve. Electronic Tenant® Solutions provides both the application functionality and unmatched support to aid in achieving BOMA360 success. Such success, all in or in increments offers an unmistakable return on investment that includes increased tenant attraction, satisfaction and retention.

Get more details here on how owners and managers can leverage ETS software capabilities, to meaningfully, and cost effectively, improve multiple aspects of property life…all while moving along the path to “excellence in building management.”


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