ProTip: Designee Management


The Designee Management Application is integrated with the Service Request and Preventative Maintenance Applications to provide various operational responsibilities like job/task assignment, notifications via web, workflow and general resource management including: scheduling, responsibility time estimation, actual task time recordation, and performance assessment.


ProTip 1: Vendors as Designees


Designees consist of engineers, staff and third party vendors.  Contracted vendors are able to gain access to the Mobile Task Manager with a login assigned by the Property Management. Here’s how:

  • From the Designee Management application, add your vendor as a new Designee.
  • Set up a Mobile Task Manager login and enable access controls. Access controls give Property Management the ability to choose whether vendors can:
    1. communicate with tenants regarding submitted requests through the MTM;
    2. view requests that may not be assigned to them specifically, and finally
    3. assign requests to other Designees.


ProTip 2: Automatic Notifications + Request Assignments

Automatic Notifications and Request Assignments are an invaluable part of the Service Request application. You can manage Designee notifications and assignments from within the Designee Management application. Here’s how:

  • From the Designee List, select the Designee you’d like to manage notifications for.
  • From the following Designee Details page, click “Manage Assignments”. This will provide a list of all service types currently active for your building(s). Next to each service type is a drop-down providing the notification and assignment options.
  • Select “Email Only” to ensure this Designee receives an email notification anytime a request for that service type is submitted.
  • Select “Assign Task” to ensure this Designee not only receives an email when a request for this service type is submitted, but also that the Designee is automatically assigned the request upon submission. The request will immediately appear on their task list.


Regardless of device, operating system or platform, our Mobile Task Manager is a meaningful productivity tool for any Designee. Make sure your team in the field is getting the most out of their MTM!

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Want to dive deeper? Contact our support team or access live chat through the Maintenance Center. We’d love to help you get the most out of your ETS tools!

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