Pro Tip: Mobile Task Manager


Mobile Task Manager is a highly customizable and comprehensive web application that allows for seamless mobile device task management for you and your engineering team.

Here are some tips for improving operational efficiency, tenant response and overall communications within your property.  Make sure the rest of your team understands and uses these tips to get the most out of the application.


ProTip 1: Add MTM App Icon to Your Mobile Device

To ensure quick access to the Mobile Task Manager we strongly recommend that all engineering and property management team members save the MTM App Icon to their mobile devices’ Home Screen as a shortcut.

Designees can do this by:

STEP 1: LOG IN TO MTM: Open the browser on your mobile device and type in the following URL address:  

STEP 2: GO TO PREFERENCES. To access this section click on the three horizontal bars in the top right-hand corner.  Click the “Add to Home Screen” icon located below the Preferences. They can then simply follow the instructions provided on the mobile device.

STEP 3: DONE! Start managing tasks on the fly!


ProTip 2: Manage Tasks on the Fly

Within the application there is an Add Task feature that allows users to add tasks on the fly and include details like property/building, service type, tenant, location, notes/description and attachments.



ProTip 3: Communication Log

Within the application there is a Communication Log that allows users to add notes, send alert emails to designees as well as tenants, right from the app so it keeps all of your communications in one place for each associated task, so everyone stays on the same page.


Regardless of device, operating system or platform, our Mobile Task Manager is a meaningful productivity tool for any property team. Make sure your team in the field is getting the most out their MTM!

Want to dive deeper? Contact our support team or access live chat through the Maintenance Center. We’d love to help you get the most out of your ETS tools!

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