Key Benefits of Energy Monitoring Software Integration

It’s a “no brainier” – Cost savings identification and actionable performance improvement alone is a 3x ROI. Throw in admin time / headache savings, longer equipment lifespan and higher tenant satisfaction and value becomes priceless.

Screenshots: Automated initiatives, usage / expected usage envelope, budget and Energy Star performance and savings opportunities and usage characteristics calendar.


Energy is typically a property operator’s greatest expense. The massive growth of LEED and Energy Star, over the last decade, are demonstrative of a momentous and invaluable trend. While there are innumerable aspects and ways to save energy, the foundation of success is robust yet easy-to-use software. Energy monitoring software must  identify, alert and edify savings opportunities as well as ease the administration burden of Energy Star, reporting, tenant billing and budgeting.


Single Source View of Energy Performance

ETS’ integrated energy app (powered by industry proven MACH Energy) offers a robust yet easy to use energy analysis and management capabilities. Click here to learn about their tenant billing process.  Beyond assessing consumption and providing automated energy cost savings opportunities, the app helps drive Energy Star performance and administration, budgeting and tenant billing. Like other Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ apps, the offering provides portfolio-­wide visibility into energy use and Energy Star performance.


Some key attributes and benefits of integrating energy monitoring software:

Increase NOI Rapid ROI
Recover Tenant Expense Foster Operational Consistency
Ease Tenant Billing Automate Report Generation
Mitigate Consumption 5 – 10% Expense Reduction
Alleviation of Administrative Burden Fine Tune Operations
Control Demand/Demand Response Validate Capital Improvement Investments
Low Risk Easy Implementation
Actionable Data Increased Equipment Health/ Lifespan
LEED/GRESB Advancement ETS Maintenance Center Integrated
Meet Tenant Expectation Mandate Maintain/ Exceed Industry Standards

An Opportunity to Proactively Engage Tenants + Mitigate a Property’s Largest Expense

Because tenant plug and light load is typically upwards of 45% of office energy consumption, the capacity to tie energy software and proactive tenant engagement provides leverage for even greater NOI improvement. Like never before, adept use of energy monitoring can substantially advance property goals as it relates to sustainability and positively impact tenant attraction, satisfaction and retention.CTA_CIS


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