October is Energy Awareness Month

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Energy is the single largest operating expense in a commercial property – EnergyStar

A focus on energy consumption is critical to the success of property operations from a bottom line and sustainability perspective. National Energy Awareness Month affords properties the opportunity to capitalize on broader awareness and national marketing campaigns to advance energy consumption mitigation in properties.

While many properties can, and should, focus on infrastructure improvements (lights, retrofits, equipment optimizations, etc.) tenants should not be ignored.

“More than one-third of energy is consumed in buildings worldwide, accounting for about 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. In cities, buildings can account for up to 80 percent of CO2 emissions – therefore a critical part of the climate change problem – and solution.” – Building Retrofit (William J. Clinton Foundation)

Tenant “plug and light load” typically represents upwards of 50% of a property’s energy consumption. Proactively engaging tenants to raise awareness and foster more efficient energy use drives EnergyStar scores, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and saves a lot of money.

Electronic Tenant® Solutions can help. Our capacity to educate and engage allows property management to effortlessly empower tenants to achieve property goals beyond the constraints of infrastructure and common space.


Contact us TODAY to discuss:

– Driving EnergyStar Success with Tenant Participation

– Tenant Education & Engagement Campaigns

– Using Technology to Advance Property Initiatives

– Integrate Sustainability and Energy Data in Electronic Tenant® Portals

– Optimize Equipment with ETS’ Preventative Maintenance App





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