IAN’s Apps: Waze

If you spend as much time on the road as I do, a good navigation app is invaluable. These days just getting door-to-door on a commute can be a challenge. While I use a variety of traffic and navigation apps (Google Maps, Apple Maps, GPS Drive, Trapster and INRIX Traffic, just to name a few…), Waze is my favorite.

Waze is unique in that it is a crowd sourced (or community-based) traffic and navigation app. This means your fellow drivers share real time information regarding traffic, accidents, road info, construction, and police and speed trap locations. While the cartoonish interface is not may favorite, I have found the accuracy of this information to be really good.

Waze 2

Based on the aforementioned driver-provided information, Waze routes (and re-routes, if need be) you through the quickest path to your destination. There’s other cool functionality too, like sharing your progress and expected arrival time with friends and colleagues and finding the cheapest gas.

There’s now some pretty serious brainpower (and tracking) behind Waze; Google bought them for $1.1 billion in June of 2013.

Happy and safe driving, here’s to hoping you find a couple extra minutes in your day.


Waze Home Page
Waze in iTunes
Google Play

Ian is a founder and the President and CEO of Electronic Tenant® Solutions. In love with technology from an early age (when there was not much…), Ian is an early adopter and maven who enjoys testing the depth and breadth of technology’s capacity to make life more enjoyable and productive. In this series Ian shares his thoughts on his favorite apps.

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