Preventative Maintenance 3.0 is Live!


Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ Preventative Maintenance Application Upgrade is live.

Based on client feedback and improved technologies, we have added new features and functionality to substantially enhance app performance and workflow efficiency. Preventative Maintenance (PM) 3.0 is live!

The upgrades provide for greater engineering team productivity, better infrastructure and critical system maintenance, easier administration, and ultimately, optimized equipment function and lifespan.

Here are some highlights.

Easy to Use Drag and Drop Task Calendar



Bulk Update Options



New Data Import Wizard – Import Equipment and Jobs via Excel


New features include:

  • Updated and Improved User Interface
  • Improved Data Filters
  • Attachment Capabilities
  • Bulk Update Options
  • Easy to Use Drag and Drop Task Calendar
  • Streamlined Set Up and Programming Process
  • New Data Import Wizard – import equipment and jobs via Excel
  • New “Repair Jobs” option
  • Enhanced Job Frequency Options
  • Advance Notification/Reminder Feature
  • Auto Conflict Resolution for Scheduling Jobs and Tasks


Want to dive deeper? Contact our support team or access live chat through the Maintenance Center. We’d love to help you get the most out of your ETS tools!

Click to learn more about Preventative Maintenance and our suite of Operations tools?

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