New: Energy Feeds & Lease Mapping


Increase Tenant Engagement and Retention with New Portal Energy Feeds and New Lease Mapping Capability

Real-time usage visibility and improved leasing tools help owners to engage tenants in initiatives for the long-term health of the property and increased retention.
Energy Star Portfolio Manager


Electronic Tenant® Solutions now offers those clients using Energy Star Portfolio Manager the ability to customize energy data and have it “fed” to an Electronic Tenant® Portal for tenants to view.  On its own, ES Portfolio Manager is known as a standard for how owners track their building’s energy usage and sustainability success. Together with ETS, a property’s energy usage can now be viewed on the client’s Electronic Tenant® Portal,  providing a real-time feed to portal visitors.  This transparency allows tenants to more meaningfully understand how their behaviors directly affect the building’s energy consumption, but also, more readily buy-in to initiatives that affect their experience in the property – engage, educate and empower.

Proactively engaging tenants with these capabilities provides an especially cost-effective and expeditious way to mitigate property energy consumption and helps to deliver substantial financial benefit. Doing so also delivers benefits that can have a marked effect on tenant attraction, satisfaction and retention. Proactive tenant engagement on sustainability has the capacity to influence tenant / employee productivity, counter absenteeism and increase job satisfaction. Ultimately, employers who witness, or are seeking, such benefits will find and stay in buildings that deliver such attributes.

Lease Mapping Feature with Google Maps: Good for the Multi-Building Portfolio


Also new this month is a feature in the Electronic Tenant® Solutions Leasing Application and Electronic Tenant® Portal. Much like the Google Maps enabled Neighborhood section of the property portal, the Lease Mapping function provides a user with a more global view of a specified radius of available properties within the management portfolio.  This allows a tenant, or prospective tenant, the ease of browsing current lease availabilities within a singular portfolio while maintaining retention rates for the owner.

To learn more about how Electronic Tenant® Solutions can deliver the considerable benefits of proactive tenant engagement or if you have specific questions about these new features, contact us at or 202.342.7090 x102.

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