SR: Advanced Reporting

ETS Service Request Advanced Reporting Engine – Information the Way YOU Want It!
Custom build reports to better benchmark, understand and improve property performance and increase tenant satisfaction. Useful for creating downloads, charts, and sharable reports.

Electronic Tenant® Solutions has released a beta version of the Advanced Reporting Engine in the Service Request Application. This feature substantially expands the reporting and data visibility capabilities. At the touch of a button, Property Managers can now access and evaluate much more meaningful data to help affect smart decisions day-to-day and for the long-term health of the property.

Ever get a hand full of data and not know what to do with it?  We HEAR you!

What if you and your staff could hand pick specific building information to review:  like the ability to look up the number of service requests for a specific service type, such as HVAC, to help determine faulty equipment?  What if you were able to filter data within a report that could provide keys to a meaningful preventative maintenance strategy? How about the capacity to identify and address issues before a tenant could notice? It would groundbreaking!

You spoke. We listened.

Electronic Tenant® Solutions is now BETA testing an Advanced Reporting Feature within the Service Request Application in the Maintenance Center, where users can create highly meaningful reports that help to advance building initiatives, foster operational efficiency, drive responsiveness and tenant satisfaction.

Once users create a report in the SR App, data is generated that can then be filtered by region, building, company, tenant, location, designee/staff, suite or floor, or service type.  Users can create charts and graphs from the data set and send it over to pertinent asset management, management or engineering staff via email link, allowing team members to view the data, report and graphs.  The recipient is then able to manipulate the same data set to see what other things are going on that might be meaningful for them.


This allows the property staff more understanding about the data they are seeing for the property, like how equipment for a specific floor or building is functioning –  all while helping them make better decisions that affect tenant satisfaction and the long-term health of the property.


REPORT IT   Highly customizable reports – information the way YOU want itSRS_reporting_CustomReport

SORT IT Filter feature to help manage data set once report is generatedSRS_reporting_MyReport

SHARE IT  Send report link to colleagues for reviewSRS_reporting_email

SCHEDULE IT   View same data each month – create a  recurring report for future review


CHART IT  Analyze data with customizable chart designs


At Electronic Tenant® Solutions we are constantly making upgrades and improvements to our applications to help our products work better for our clients, and so much of it comes from client feedback.  This Advanced Reporting Feature is in BETA and we hope you will take the time to visit your Maintenance Center and try out this reporting feature with your team.  And as always, would love your feedback!

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