ProTip: Service Request App


Features of the Advanced Reporting Engine

In October of last year, we announced our Advanced Reporting Engine in the Service Request Application. Here are a few quick tips from our Training and Education team for you to check out.


ProTip: Column Wizard

Are you still receiving calls from tenants to submit requests regularly? Use the Advanced Reporting feature to evaluate your tenant adoption rate. Use the Column Wizard to break down how many requests are being submitted via the Tenant Admin Center versus those that are being submitted by Property Management staff via the Maintenance Center or Mobile Task Manager!



ProTip: Data Grid

Would you like to see a snapshot view of how many requests are being submitted by each tenant company? Use the Data Grid charting option or Summary Data set to see a simple break down of service request totals per tenant company!




If you haven’t yet checked it out, see our post for more details on the launch of the SR Reporting Engine with further details on reporting, sorting, sharing and charting your data!

Want to dive deeper? Contact our support team or access live chat through the Maintenance Center. We’d love to help you get the most out of your ETS tools!

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