ProTip: Preventative Maintenance


The Preventative Maintenance Application ensures that critical and valuable equipment within the property is maintained in the most timely, thorough and professional fashion. Built around specific property equipment and infrastructure, the application allows for the creation, assignment and management of recurring preventative maintenance tasks.

Dive deeper with PM’s professional tips of the month:

ProTip 1: Drag and Drop Task Calendar


Use the drag and drop task calendar for fast and easy management of Preventative Maintenance tasks. The Calendar view defaults to a monthly view but can be changed to a daily, weekly or annual view.

  • Due Dates – Change due dates from the calendar by simply dragging and dropping the task to the desired due date.
  • View and Manage – Click on applicable task icon to get to the Task Details page then update the status, record collected data and manage task assignments.
  • Customize – Customize your task list by enabling multiple filters on the calendar.
  • Search – Use the Search feature to find specific tasks quickly and easily.blog_line

ProTip 2: Add Jobs for Multiple Units of Equipment


The newly updated Preventative Maintenance Application now provides the ability to add a PM Job to many units of equipment at once, significantly reducing data entry efforts.

  • From the Add Job form, the Equipment field is a “Type to Add” field where you can begin to type in the equipment name and then select from your matching equipment list.
  • Enter, then select, as many units of equipment as necessary, and the job will be created for all equipment at once.blog_line

Read more about recent upgrades that enhance PM app performance and efficiency.

Want to dive deeper? Contact our support team or access live chat through the Maintenance Center. We’d love to help you get the most out of your ETS tools!

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