How ETS’ Commercial Property Management Software Eases the Top Five Technology Pain Points for Property Managers

In November of 2018, Common Areas Property Management and Technology Sentiment Report revealed that property managers consider technology both a “blessing and a curse.”

While it is largely agreed upon that technology creates opportunities for expansion and advancement, and is part of an essential piece to the success of a property, there were several areas of concern. From the survey, we learned that the cost of technology, the process of integration, transitions, scalability, and customization were the top five pain points felt by property managers when considering tech adoption. Let’s take a closer look at these problems managers collide with and how ETS software directly addresses each of these pain points, making life easier for property managers on a daily basis.

Pain-Point #1: Cost

When talking about tech, property leadership often gets muddled in the decision between an on-site solution versus a cloud-based one. In the recent past, CRE entities have been migrating in droves to Software as a Service (SaaS). There’s a good reason for this: by trading capital expenditures for operating expenditures, businesses and individuals realize a substantially greater cost savings. Users stand to benefit greatly from adopting the cloud-based model of software delivery and consumption by trading fixed or sunk costs for variable costs, eliminating the overhead of traditional, on-premise software applications.

The ETS Solution

As a SaaS provider catering to the CRE industry specifically, ETS provides pricing options based on property type and a la carte application deployment, along with discounts based on the number of apps licensed and length of agreement terms. Our software is affordable for any property because we charge by the square-footage covered, so it’s a low risk/high value considering property managers are able to choose only the software solutions they require. Many property managers see a 3X return on your investment with ETS

Pain-Point #2: Integration

Often, the search for the right management software can be daunting, especially in understanding what you get for your investment. Exploring the right system for your needs is important as well as understanding what products are in the market that best match your needs.

The ETS Solution

ETS tools are intuitive, and a full support team is waiting for every question big and small. The ETS team is a group of proven experts with over a decade of experience — clerical, copywriters, designers, programmers, technologists, workflow processors, and communications professionals — all determined to help you get the most out of your online property management software. You’ll need a team that is at your disposal, and ETS has a support team that is available via phone, email, and live-chat to help you get onboard fast and support you for the lifetime of your software investment.

ETS software is also built to seamlessly integrate with the most popular third-party software that building managers are already using, such as MACH and Energy Star. By bringing this information into one location, both property managers and tenants can stay more informed about the workings of the building, saving money in the process.

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Pain-Point #3: Transitions

You have a diverse management team that will need to plug in and be able to use your new software immediately. Hard to use software can be devastating not only to efficiency but employee morale.

There is always a concern when considering a change of software — how will the information be handled and how will it migrate from the old system to the new?

The ETS Solution

ETS is built to offer a turnkey solution that can be turned and ready to go on day 1 — seamless solutions on all platforms, for both management and tenants! ETS will work with your team to extract current data and import directly into ETS software. ETS can work with all file types; Excel, CSV, Word, etc.

Pain-Point #4: Scalability

One of the primary problems that property managers run into with their building management software is that it’s not scalable enough. Most property owners want to increase the number of properties in their portfolio, and the right property management software can go a long way to reducing costs. But as the number of properties grow, the property management software often isn’t able to grow with them.

It’s not just the ability to scale the number of properties that’s important, but also the ability for property managers to scale the various services they’d like to add. Some managers find that their preferred property maintenance software doesn’t offer a Tenant Portal, or might not offer an upgrade that streamlines their work order or certificate of insurance management systems.

The ETS Solution

Whether you need something basic and entry level for a single small property or you need a more robust system for a larger portfolio of commercial properties and existing tenants, ETS’ web-based software can be customized for a single property or multi-property portfolio. Our service request app has the capability to cover one or all of your properties, even in a campus environment. A property manager who discovers how much ETS software helps with one property can quickly and easily scale it to multiple properties with very little effort.

Communicating with tenants across multiple properties is just as scalable. Our Communications app allows administrators to create custom groups with the capacity to target entire portfolios, certain properties, isolated floors, specific companies, and even individuals.

Pain-Point #5: Customization

Many pieces of commercial property management software are limited in what they offer. Some might be geared toward the management of office space, while others are more interested in dealing with property risk management or maintenance. The industry is moving toward platform-based technology and solutions where multiple issues and pain points can be resolved, harnessing the real advantages of collaborative, configurable and integrable solutions and are beginning to move away from siloed solutions.

The ETS Solution

We took all of that into consideration when we created our Electronic Tenant® Portal. It’s the most highly-customizable tenant management software in the CRE tech market, scalable to the needs of every property manager out there. ETS applications have deep preference capabilities at every turn allowing individualized workflow. ETS applications can be customized to match their business, i.e. colors and logos furthering brand awareness. Communication preferences, customized email templates, auto-generated message content and turnkey materials for launch or property initiatives are all standard features. Each correspondence with tenants is heavily branded and customized for your property.

Redefine the Tenant Experience

Electronic Tenant® Solutions has continued to develop the best-in-class property management software that looks at all internal and external touches with your tenants and staff. We are able to help our clients prioritize communications and push initiatives in the most impactful way.

But we don’t stop there. Your representative is waiting for questions and our team of experts is with you every step of the way helping you carry out the vision for your property. 

So, what are you waiting for? Next year is now! Are you going to lose tenants now and have to invest later to get them back, or are you going to invest now and keep them?

Let Electronic Tenant® Solutions assess your building’s current state of technology, establish new benchmarks, and identify the gaps that will drive the greatest ROI to your property and your tenants. Click here to request a free demo of this game-changing software.

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