Communicating with Tenants Just Got… Easier!

Professional Grade Communications …at Your Fingertips

The NEW Communications Application combines multiple ways to send communications through one, streamlined system.  With the recent upgrade, the app provides professional grade communication capabilities at your fingertips.  It’s an easy way to get information out to your property contacts via Email, Portal Banner, Text Message or Calendar with one click.


  • Single platform for Communications – Mobile App, Email, Text, Desktop & Calendar NEW!
  • Mobile Tenant Center App Access (iOS/Android)
  • Send Notifications to Mobile App, Email, Text and Desktop at the same time
  • Branded Notification Templates
  • Third Party Calendar Integration NEW!
  • Easier / Faster Authoring, Editing and Sending
  • Pre-Programmed Notifications (never forget a building holiday)
  • Save and Reuse Regular Notifications
  • Send Recurring Notifications
  • Pre-Loaded Content for Sustainability and Preparedness Initiatives and more…

A SINGLE Platform for All Communications

  • Email/ Text Message/ Portal Banner/ Calendar Events
  • Streamlined for workflow consistency and efficiency cutting set-up time in half.

Auto-Migration via ETS Platform

  • History, preferences, signatures, saved messages, events for Banner Alert, Email Notification, Calendar
  • ETS Staff will ensure that all current information is pulled into the new single platform.

Schedule Communications

  • Schedule one-time or recurring messages for both email and text.
  • Scheduling communications ensure that users receive the information how and when they want.
  • Preloaded content offers faster and more efficient messaging.

Branded Notification Templates

 Why It Matters

  • Responsiveness and communications are the foundation of tenant satisfaction and renewal intention.
  • 59% of respondents of a CBRE Corporate Survey say they plan to deploy mobile at the property to enhance the tenant experience.
  • A tablet or smartphone, empowered with ETS’ property management apps drive staff efficiency, responsiveness and better communications.
  • A CBRE managed portfolio (19 properties owned by a leading REIT) proved this premise through the agile use of ETS’ apps.
  • 62% of CBRE Survey respondents expect an increase in investment in workplace tech in 2018.
  • ETS offers a cost-effective, rapidly deployable technology solution for property managers to communicate better with tenants and meet operational demands at a property.