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Property managers have endless responsibilities to ensure the safe, secure, and efficient operation of their properties. At Electronic Tenant Solutions, we are dedicated to providing property managers with innovative technology that allows them to get their job done quickly and efficiently, saving time, money, and increasing tenant satisfaction. ETS has recently launched a new Inspections Application that offers a variety of features and benefits. If you want to streamline your inspection process, contact us today for a demo!

Top Features of Our Inspections Application 

Pre-Loaded Templates:The Inspections Application will allow you significantly reduce inspection setup time, allowing you to streamline the inspection process. Our application comes with pre-loaded inspection templates that make it easy for you to create, assign, and complete inspections, for all of your properties. We also understand that every property is unique, so our app also allows you to create and customize inspections from start to finish, based on your specific needs.

Automate Schedule: All properties require regular, thorough inspections, whether it’s for fire, life, safety equipment or full interior walk throughs. To make sure nothing slips through the cracks, our application features automated scheduling and assignments. Quickly create an inspection, set the inspection frequency, assign to one or more users, choose a start date and submit. Your inspections will be automatically assigned and scheduled. Assigned users will receive notifications prior to inspection due dates. Inspections can be assigned to multiple users, to enable collaboration, consistency, and communication on any inspection task. 

Mobile-Friendly: Users can access the Mobile Task Manager app from anywhere, on any mobile device. Inspections can be started, paused, resumed, or completed, and action items can be added during the inspection directly from the mobile app. In the course of an inspection, if a Service Request / work order or PM Task needs to be added, the user can quickly enter the request from within the inspection, without changing applications, creating greater efficiency.

Interactive Calendar: Our Inspections Application features an interactive calendar. Users can view open, completed, past due, or in-progress inspections in a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly format. Clicking on an inspection task from the calendar allows the user to quickly view additional inspection details. If an inspection task needs to be rescheduled, simply drag and drop to change the due date. 

Inspection Notes, Images, and Scores: The Inspections Application makes collaboration and communication between users easy and effective. Notes and images can be added to inspections for easy viewing for assigned users. If inspection item scoring is enabled, a total score will be provided when the inspection is complete. Over time, the collection of completed inspections can provide valuable analytics and detailed property information.

With our new Inspections App, you can provide a streamlined inspection process for your staff at one or more properties. Our Mobile Task Manager app allows inspections to be easily accessed from any mobile device, increasing communication, consistency, efficiency, and ultimately saving time and money. 

Contact Electronic Tenant Solutions today for a demo of our new Inspections App.

To learn more about the Inspections App and the best property management software in the industry, you can visit our parent site, at ElectronicTenant.com, or fill out the brief form below and a representative will contact you immediately!

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