Benefits of Our New Inspections App: Property Maintenance Software

Property managers have endless responsibilities to ensure the safe, secure, For property management, efficiency isn’t just a good thing, it’s essential. Our new Inspections Application provides property management with the necessary tools to quickly create and deploy customized property inspections. Getting your inspection process up and running quickly is just one of the benefits that property managers can look forward to when they utilize innovative technology from Electronic Tenant Solutions.

Benefits of Our Inspections Application  

Create, Customize, and Schedule Inspections: With our Inspections Application, you can customize any inspection from start to finish. This allows property management staff to create any type of inspection such as incident reports, vacant suite checks, and much more. New templates can be created and customized to fit your needs, increasing efficiency and enabling a more organized workflow. Multiple users can be assigned to any inspection, helping to increase communication, consistency, and collaboration.

Data Library: With a library of completed inspection questions, responses, scores, and collected data, employees can analyze property information over time. Inspection items can include questions, multiple responses, text fields, date/time stamps, required responses, and more. Our application allows property management staff to analyze data from completed inspections, to view trends and implement changes at the property.

Create Action Items: The Inspections Application provides users with the ability to stay on top of maintenance issues as they arise during the inspection process. The ability to add action items, including Service Requests / work orders, and Preventative Maintenance tasks is built into the inspection process. Our innovative technology enables users to quickly document and submit maintenance requests even before the full inspection has been completed, enabling a faster response and resolution of the issue.

Collaboration: The Mobile Task Manager app allows multiple users to access inspections on any mobile device. Users can start, pause, resume or complete inspections from anywhere in the field. Multiple users can be assigned to inspections at one or more properties to enable collaboration, consistency, and communication for any inspection. 

Increases Tenant Satisfaction: The ability to add Service Requests / work orders and Preventative Maintenance tasks during the inspection process, ensures that maintenance issues will be addressed as quickly as possible. When issues are addressed in a timely manner by the property management team, tenants will appreciate the level of service, leading to greater tenant satisfaction and ultimately, higher tenant retention. 

Electronic Tenant Solutions is proud to provide customers with an Inspections Application that streamlines the inspection process and offers many new features and benefits. From pre-loaded, customizable templates to automated schedules and assignments, action items, an inspection data library, and the ability to complete inspections from any mobile device, our technology provides efficient solutions for all of your inspection needs. 

Get in touch with the Electronic Tenant Solutions team today for a demo!

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