Welcome to ETS’ Service Request App

Service Request is among Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ most advanced and dynamic Applications.

This Application completely streamlines the work order process, from submission to completion, while allowing you to account for the various steps that may be required, both during and afterwards.

The Service Request Application allows you to significantly raise tenant-satisfaction surrounding work orders, not only by measurably reducing response time, but also by enhancing communications.

“How”, you ask? We’re so glad you did:

Response Time: Real-time response tracking and reporting allows you to ensure that work orders are processed as efficiently as possible.

Communication: In-Application communications allow you to keep an open dialogue on the progress of any work order, not only amongst your staff, but also directly with the tenant.

Tenant-Satisfaction: Enable the Satisfaction Ratings feature to view tangible data, and run reports, on how satisfied your tenants are with the level of service that they received. 

In summation, the Service Request Application serves as the ultimate intermediary, between management, staff and tenants, allowing for any and all needs to be quickly submitted, efficiently processed, and carefully quantified. 

Features and Benefits:

The ETS Service Request Application is ideally suited for managing work order requests within both tenant-based and resident-based properties. It is also the perfect channel for logging and tracking general maintenance work within a property, its common areas and around the property grounds.

This versatile Application has also been designed to thrive in desktop, mobile and tablet environments, allowing you to manage work orders, with ease, from anywhere within or around your property! 

Some of the marquee features of the ETS Service Request Application include:

  • Task Management, Assignment & Tracking
  • Task Prioritization & Alarm Creation    
  • In-Application Communication
  • Real-Time Reporting & Response Time Analytics
  • Satisfaction Ratings & Performance Tracking
  • Billable Template Creation, Invoicing & Purchase Order Creation
  • Accounting Integration
  • Desktop & Mobile Compatible Environments 
  • Push Notifications and Text Messaging 

Recent Updates

At Electronic Tenant® Solutions, we are constantly analyzing and evaluating our Applications, to determine how they may be able to better serve you. The Service Request Application is no exception!  

We have recently introduced several new upgrades to the Service Request Application, including:

Satisfaction Ratings: Users can now use ‘Thumbs Up’ and ‘Thumbs Down’ buttons, to rate their overall experience and instantly provide and your staff with real-time feedback on building operations and performance. 

Service Request Management: With the new ‘Quick Edit’ feature in the Service Request List page, we’ve completely streamlined the way you are able to update request-statuses, add communication notes and dictate the priority of outstanding requests.

Add Request: We’ve given this process a tune-up as well! Newly added functionalities allow you to simultaneously submit service requests and perform primary administrative functions, all from one page! 

Priority Feature: Thanks to this upgrade, it’s never been easier to classify requests by their priority! You and your staff can now quickly prioritize your requests to ensure that the important jobs get taken care of, first! 

Service Request Status Preference: “Pending” vs. “In Progress”? “Completed” vs. “Closed”? Want to avoid any potential confusion? Now you can use the Status Preferences to tailor the language associated with your service requests by dictating what status types are available within the Application.

To learn more about Service Request and the best property management software in the industry, you can visit our parent site, at ElectronicTenant.com, or fill out the brief form below and a representative will contact you immediately!