MTM New Feature: Push Notifications Drive Responsiveness, Efficiency

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Mobile Task Manager Newest Feature: PUSH NOTIFICATIONS

An extension of an already robust service request tool, push notifications in ETS’ Mobile Task Manager, allow for real-time alerts to management, engineering and assigned vendors on the following action items:

  • New tasks service requests and/or work orders
  • Assignment or reassignment of a task
  • Status updates
  • Messages added to tasks


Push notifications benefit:

  • Quicker response times
  • Timely communication of status updates
  • Faster acceptance and completion of requests / tasks
  • Better prioritization
  • Less engineering downtime
  • Less phone calls to the management office
  • Improved team analytics
  • Greater tenant satisfaction

Being more responsive means more awareness for your operations team, and a drive for task completion.  Here’s  how it works:

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Once a staff member downloads the MTM app – they walk through the process of allowing notifications.  First a user will be asked to allow for the notifications.  This selection can be changed at any time within the notification settings of the mobile device.  Once allowed, the push notifications will appear as tasks entered by tenants or management.  This eliminates the extra step of having to physically enter the app itself for the updates, as updates will appear as above in real-time on the homescreen of the user’s mobile device – a significant time saver!

“Our goal with the new push notifications feature is for optimal transparency, and advance work order management, while providing meaningful, value to our clients, and their tenants.”  – Bryn Jerome,  VP of Operations, Electronic Tenant Solutions.

Before integrating your new technology – establish expectations for yourself and your team prior to managing the work order list.  Let us help:

  • Does your service plan set up realistic expectations?
  • Are you meeting, or exceeding them?
  • How can you better measure your success?
  • Do you have the data you need to react to problems?

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