*Detailed help documents and video tutorials on the Mobile Task Manager are available in the Maintenance Center’s Help Center.


Electronic Tenant® Solutions is pleased to announce the full release of our newly redesigned Mobile Task Manager on Monday, August 17th! This highly customizable web app allows engineers and property team members to manage service request/work order and preventative maintenance tasks on the fly. In addition to an intuitive new interface, we have also added several new features to improve functionality and usability.

Up until August 17th, please feel free to test out the new Mobile Task Manager application by clicking on the available testing site link from the login page of the current application, or go directly to https://mtm.tenanthandbooks.com.

As of August 17th, the current Mobile Task Manager application will be replaced with the new version.

MTM Blog Images.001MTM Blog Images.002

MTM Blog Images.003

MTM Blog Images.004
MTM Blog Images.005MTM Blog Images.006MTM Blog Images.007MTM Blog Images.008

Stay Tuned!

Posted by Electronic Tenant® Solutions

Electronic Tenant® Solutions' web-portals and applications are deployed by over half a billion square feet of preeminent commercial property, and has become a leading resource for redefining the tenant experience.

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