Ian’s Apps: Outlook

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Like most everyone, I live in email. While there are a variety of third-party email applications out there, many folks just stick with the standard issue email apps.

The email app that i have used predominately for the last few months is Microsoft’s Outlook for IOS. Over the last year, Microsoft has made huge advances in it’s mobile apps for the Office suite (excel, Word, PowerPoint) and Outlook is no exception. Here are some robust features that set the app apart from the standard issue email apps.


Calendar Integration: Mobile outlook has a built in calendar feature that not only saves you from having to open another calendar app to asses availability, it also allows you to quickly touch on open times in your calendar to share availability in the email message, just like the desktop counterpart.

File / Attachment Integration: Accessing files, within the app, for attachments is also a big time saver. All cloud file storage offerings DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Exchange and other services can be integrated to insert file links directly into email messages.

Email Scheduling: This might be my favorite feature. It allows you to “snooze” email messages and have them return to your inbox at a later date/time (in a few hours, this evening, tomorrow morning or choose a date/ time). You can easily manage your inbox and defer messages that don’t require immediate attention.

Focused Inbox: This feature automatically separates important emails from other items like potential  spam, receipts, non-critical messages. It gets better as you use it allowing you to move a message to the “focused” box and automatically create a rule to do so in the future.

Mobile Outlook is a breeze to set up and supports all major email platforms like Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud as well as IMAP configuration. Oh yea, it’s free…

App Store

Google Play 

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