Think you know ETS? Think Again!

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Welcome to the NEW Electronic Tenant Solutions!

Electronic Tenant® Solutions is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed company website.  Our team has worked hard to achieve a highly responsive design that enables clients and visitors to easily scan, read and navigate information quickly. Just as significant – the ETS value proposition is now clear and evident.

Creative Director Jason Lawrence says, “The new site aims to promote engagement with expert staff while allowing the user to scan leadership profiles, products and services without direct assistance. Some of the new features include the use of videos, slideshows and the opportunity for live product demos by request.”

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“We are enthusiastic about launching the new website,” says CEO Ian O’Neil.  “Part of our value proposition is helping owners and managers in commercial real estate achieve their most salient goals – our new ETS parent site is just an extension of that.”


Some of the new features of the site include:

  • Video application overviews
  • Slideshow Illustrations
  • Color palette, clean graphics, for easy navigation
  • Easy forms for blog sign up, quote request, job application
  • Opportunity for Live Demo (upon request)

Please visit us at and check out the new design. You can send us your feedback to or reach any of our other departments here.

Thanks for visiting!

The Electronic Tenant® Solutions team.