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Do You Have a Central Hub for ALL of Your PM Tasks?

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ETS Maintenance Center Offers ONE Dashboard with Customizable Tabs

What if you could consolidate all your web-based work needs into one window? What if that window opened the same as you last left it? On a different computer? On a tablet?

The Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ Maintenance Center is a highly flexible, workflow hub that offers customizable tabs not only for all ETS applications, but also for any other websites and web applications used in day-to-day responsibilities.


Access to outside sources like Yardi, Angus or Energy Star can now be accessed via the ETS Maintenance Center via the Custom Tabs feature. You can also add in your most frequently visited sites, like Weather Channel, CNN, or other!  The system will remember your set up
from any device.

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How To:

  • Log In to the Maintenance Center
  • Click on the + in the Tabs Navigation
  • Click on ‘Add External Link’
  • Enter the new Tab Title and  URL address for new site to add (make sure to check ‘open in a tab’)
As easy as adding a tab to a browser, so too can you add a tab to the ETS Maintenance Center.  Gone are the days when you would go in and out of a browser 10, 20… 50 times in a day.  All you need is one.

Tenant requests, property communications, energy management, search, accounting, news, PM, insurance tracking – wherever your web-based work responsibilities may lie, you can now consolidate into a single window. A window that remembers your set-up, across multiple devices.

Case Study: Mach Energy


Our partnership with Mach Energy allows for quick and easy access to the Mach Energy Dashboard so you can assess consumption, energy cost savings opportunities, and Energy Star Reporting, with a click of a button, or tab.


Want to dive deeper? Contact our support team or access live chat through the Maintenance Center. We’d love to help you get the most out of your ETS tools!

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