What’s In Your Lobby?

Like it or not, holiday decorating season is upon us: here, there, and everywhere.  Does it bring warmth to your heart, or repulse your senses? Do share! Let us see the best and the worst building decorations from your area!  Share with us on Twitter! #ETSLobby


Every year it comes … the lights, the sweets, the ringing of bells: it’s jolly madness! With the growing anticipation of Santa, comes the annual transformation of office buildings everywhere.  Once pristine, clean and quiet, lobbies become a thing of bedazzlement; a property’s own postcard to the masses, with oversized trees, wreaths, balls, lights and, yes even animated dancing Santas!

A few years ago the Wall Street Journal reported that holiday décor is BIG business, particularly in Midtown Manhattan. “Year after year, the yuletide that washes over Manhattan’s office canyons isn’t just done on the whim of festive landlords. The décor is actually big business for the decorating companies that plan it months in advance.” Reports Jackie Bischoff.  And rightly so, “Christmas decorations [are] a vital part of marketing for shopping centers and municipalities.”

Downtown districts across the country often allot a certain amount of their annual budget to holiday décor. The article sites that “sophisticated holiday charm” is so important to one lower Manhattan district, that décor has been a part of its financial planning for over 17 years. According to the article, an average building or mall decoration set can cost up to $300,000.

The article goes on to say that.. “decorations, from blinking trees to gigantic ornaments suspended from ceilings, aren’t only a gesture of goodwill on the part of building owners—they are also a way to gauge the health of the local economy,” said Garrett Peterson, vice president of Downtown Decorations. The company provides Christmas décor for office buildings and shops across the country, as well as in the New York region.  In 2012, the Downtown Decorations sold a million lights, 1.5 miles of garland, and for one project alone, 40,000 ornaments.

Are ‘festive lobbies’ big business in your area…your building?  What is your opinion of the yuletide decore? Is it sophisticated or offensive, necessary or nonsense? ETS wants to know what you and fellow building owners and managers are doing in your areas around the country.   Share your photos with us on Twitter by adding the hashtag #ETSLobby or including @etenant in your post. Give us the good, the bad and the ugly! It might be the very thing that keeps us jolly this season!

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