PRO TIP: Schedule It, Send It … and Forget It!


Save Time This Holiday with Pre-Programmed Alerts with ETS


No time to lag! Heighten your operational efficiency this holiday with Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ Instant Alert and E-Mail Notification Applications!



By entering the year’s holidays and building closures into your Instant Alert or E-Mail Notification applications, you can schedule when notifications go out to all of your tenants. Within minutes, you can enter your property’s schedule for the entire year and never have to worry about it again. Just set it and forget it; ETS will take care of the rest!

Create operational efficiency with some suggested best use notifications:

  • Building closure reminder
  • Holiday charity events
  • After hours access and holiday security protocols
  • Green tips for while you are on vacation

The best part? It’s super easy to set up! Check out the videos on how to set up both current and future alerts below! 

Done. Done and Done!

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