Winter is Coming


Prevention Technology – A Good Remedy for the Ills of Winter


It’s that time of year – Fall.  But… Winter is coming!

And that means it’s time to review your property’s preventative maintenance strategy as well as communication initiatives for your staff and tenants to keep the building and its people healthy!   Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ apps can help you not only prepare and communicate, but help you earn some serious satisfaction points while you are at it.



Prevent the Ills of Equipment Failure

Often building owners overlook the correct procedures for closing down the AC properly at the end of the warmer months. However, equipment that is not shut down properly may not be able to start up again at the time it is needed most. Like the AC system, the heating system needs to be prepared in advance. According to Steve W. of GSH Group, “It is more cost-effective to avoid emergency service calls during the really cold months and to have your equipment repaired before the heating system begins.” Proper preventive maintenance reduces costly repairs, extends equipment life, and increases tenant satisfaction.  Read more here about ETS Preventative Maintenance and Mobile Task Management Applications to help you and your engineers get ready for winter.

For tips on preparing your building, here’s a checklist provided by our friends at Mach Energy.



It’s Cold and Flu Season… ETS Communication Apps Can Help!

This is the time of year when we expect to see an increase in the number of respiratory infections in our community, including influenza, throat infections (pharyngitis) and other common illnesses. While these ailments are not unusual for this time of year, there are a number of things that you can do to protect yourself and others. Use Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ Instant Alert and Email Notification apps to communicate with tenants and score satisfaction points.



Useful Links

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