ETS Proactive Tools Help Owners, Managers and Tenants Prepare for the Inevitable

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Ben Franklin 

Did you know that more than 3,000 organizations, consisting of national, regional, and local public and private organizations, will be supporting emergency preparedness efforts in September? Indeed!  It is National Preparedness Month! For you this is a great opportunity to proactively engage tenants and property staff to ensure everyone is aware of resources and information that could save lives!

You might find yourself asking: “How might WE provide information to our tenants in advance of extenuating circumstances?” And more specifically…

  • Do we have a centralized Emergency Preparedness resource?
  • Is this tenant management software available on mobile?
  • Do we have alert messaging capabilities?
  • Do we know if our tenants are aware and using preparedness resources?

If your answer is “that’s a negative,” we’d like to help!  Read on to learn about best practices, proactive preparedness and how to best leverage National Preparedness Month with tools from Electronic Tenant® Solutions.


  • Electronic Tenant® Portal
    An invaluable, web-based, desktop and mobile informational tenant web portal providing 24 / 7 access to any and all information needed by tenants and others associated with the property. Emergencies take many forms:

    • Active Shooter
    • Bomb Threat
    • Civil Disturbances
    • Elevator Malfunction
    • Fire and Medical Emergencies
    • Flooding
    • Power Outage
    • Severe Weather
    • Toxic Hazard

Set up a portal that outlines procedures for each emergency type, so tenants are in the know – before an event happens.

  • Mobile Property
    Blog.Mobile Mobile Property is your building’s Electronic Tenant® Portal available 24/7/365 in your pocket. Tenants have access to all the information and features of the Electronic Tenant® Portal specifically designed for any mobile device. Most notably, tenants will have Emergency Procedures at their fingertips and receive alerts through the app (as well as text messages and email).
  • Proactive Tenant Engagement – use communications apps like Instant Alert and Email Notification to deliver preparedness tips and point tenants to resources like Electronic Tenant® Portal and Mobile Property Emergency Procedures as well as video training and testing tools. Elevator and lobby signage are also great ways to foster awareness of resources.
  • Video Training & Testing Application
    VidTrainingTestingProperty management software that promotes, and documents, preparedness and understanding of procedures required in mitigating circumstances.  It aims to equip property management personnel with the capacity to provide insurance companies detailed reports evidencing occupant preparedness for extenuating circumstances, lessening a property’s liability exposure and associated costs.  It’s certificate of insurance tracking at its easiest!
  • Prepared Property Package
    This is a unique tool offered by Electronic Tenant® Solutions that combines emergency preparedness content and web-based application functionality to proactively engage and prepare tenants for any extenuating circumstances.


  • Instant Alert Application
    Professional-grade, powerful and agile alert app and web-based property management software that allows property managers to keep tenants aware and prepared for changing circumstances in the property.

  • Email Notification
    A professional-grade, web-based, individual / group / property / portfolio email application.

Call us prepared! When minutes to safety can mean saving time and saving lives, online and mobile communication tools become a truly invaluable tenant solution. By integrating such resources ahead of time, you allow your team to be better informed, better equipped, and better prepared, before and during an emergency.

Visit us at for more information, or contact us at 202.342.7090.


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