Emergency Preparedness: Are you “climate ready”?

Emergency preparedness is a vital part of managing any property. To be truly protected, it is not enough to simply have measures in place, in response to an emergency.


Preparing your tenants, in advance of extenuating circumstances, as well as having the ability to efficiently and effectively communicate with them during an emergency, can make the critical difference.


One type of emergency that you, as property management, have the ability to preemptively prepare your staff and tenants for is severe weather and/or natural disasters.


GlobeSt.com recently published an article, by Rayna Katz, entitled ‘Storm Preparedness Is On NYC’s Radar’.


The article details some of the economic damage, caused by Hurricane Sandy, as well as the efforts being made by Dan Zarrilli, the Director of the NYC Office of Recovery and Resiliency, to “protect the city both from future storms and other potential catastrophic events related to climate change”


Zarrilli believes this is important work, and will only become more important in future years:


“Hurricane Sandy was an idiosyncratic event but climate change is real and we could be subjected to regular tidal flooding by the 2050s as well as heat waves, intense precipitation and coastal flooding,”


Katz went on to describe some of the economic effects the storm had on the city of New York, as well as the increased risk, and corresponding costs, of future storms:


“From an economic perspective, Sandy cost the city $19 billion (and 44 lives). The likelihood of a similar such storm will grow to 17% by the 2020s and 40% by the 2050s, according to Zarrilli. The damages of such an event could cost as much as $35 billion in the 2030s and $90 billion in the 2050s.”


Zarrilli went on to stress the importance of preparedness by stating:


“This is a punch I don’t think we can afford to keep taking,” he noted. “We can’t make ourselves climate proof but we can be climate ready.”


These are sentiments that we, as members of the Property Management community, can certainly appreciate and perhaps even apply to our own daily operations and procedures.


If you’re looking for ways to improve your property’s emergency preparedness, Electronic Tenant® Solutions has your answer, the ‘Prepared Property’ Package.


Prepared Property combines emergency preparedness content and web-based application functionality to pro-actively engage and prepare tenants in advance of extenuating circumstance and to communicate and provide resources during an emergency.


To learn more about our Prepared Property, and its turn-key applications, check out our website:



You can read the full article by Rayna Katz here:


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