Sustainability = Satisfaction


So, tenants care…

Proactively engaging tenants on sustainability contributes to satisfaction.
The big news in CRE this week came in the form of edification that sustainable operations tangibly contribute to tenant satisfaction. While many had identified benefits in construction and operations associated with sustainability, the connection to tenants seeing value had been elusive. Not any more.
A scientific analysis, performed by DTZ, has established a “very strong” connection between sustainable operations and tenant satisfaction. Properties committed to sustainable operations, as validated in certifications (i.e., LEED, EnergyStar), had ranked substantially higher in Kingsley satisfaction scores.
While many buildings will make substantial investments to secure various certifications they will fail to realize the full benefit of their investment. Similarly, properties that do not have the means or resources to pursue such certifications do not need to be left out. The key to satisfaction in both instances is communication.
Maximizing the value of earned certifications and / or earning tenant satisfaction points through engagement, education and communication is a very cost-effective way to ensure broader understanding, larger participation and greater satisfaction.
Electronic Tenant® Solutions offers multiple mechanisms for burden-free and unobtrusive tenant engagement. Options include:
  • Virtual Green Teams
  • Sustainability Campaigns
  • Tenant Energy Awareness Campaign
  • Sustainability Portals
  • Actionable Alerts
  • Tips and Facts
  • Best Practices
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