Service Request Update Alert

Electronic Tenant Solutions is excited to announce our most recent updates to the Service Request Application!

You Talked. We Listened. Based on client feedback, we are excited to announce several new features to our Service Request Application. These features have been built into our existing technologies providing you tailored usability, added flexibility in managing your requests, as well as more transparency in the creation of your reports.

  • Improved User Interface with Advanced Filtering and Search Capabilities
  • Additional Bulk Update Options
  • New “Closed” Service Request Status
  • New Billable Item Status Options
  • Ability to Archive Service Requests
  • New Repeat Request Options and Report Capability
  • Billable Materials Quantity Now Allows for Decimals
  • Improved Email Options for Designees
  • Added “Location” Column on the Service Request List Page
  • Various Usability Improvement and Bug Fixes


Illustrating the ability to: archive a request, mark a request as “CLOSED” in status options, and mark progress of a billable request.

New! Archive Feature on the Request Details Menu: Now you can archive any request. This will keep the request in the application so you can access it if needed, however it will no longer show up in your active Service Request List Page.  On the Service Request List Page there is an option filter where you can show archive requests if necessary and when generating reports you can include archived requests as well.  You have the option to unarchive a request at any point.

Update Service Request Status Section: We have added new status options – both the closed status option and also repeat request if applicable. Back on the Service Request List Page you can then filter your requests by these new designations.

Billable Status Option: You now have the option of marking a request as “no billable status” “to be billed” or “billed”. On the Service Request List Page there is a new column for billable status that will indicate any new billable status as indicated on the Service Request Details Page/ Status Section.  You can also filter requests in the Service Request List Page based on the billable status, as well and include in all reports.


New filter format and new filter features added!

Formatting: On the Service Request List Page, left of the requests list, the filters allow you to enable multiple filters at a time.  You can now click on any of the filters and select or type the filters you would like to apply and then update filters icon to update all filters at once.  To remove the filters and to see all requests, click the show all requests icon.

In addition to better filter formatting, new filters have been added:

Options Filter: you can filter down to Show Archived Requests or Repeat Requests  – an archive request will only display on this list if this filter is enabled.

New Billable Status Filter: This filter allows you to organize requests by billable status. “Has Billable Item” will show any requests that has a billable item no matter what the billable status, but if you want to filter by actual billable status you can click on the specific billable status – no billable status, to be billed, billed.

Bulk Update: We have added more options to the Bulk Update feature allowing you more flexibility in managing multiple requests at a time.  Not only can you assign requests  and update the status as before, but you can now use the bulk update option to mark repeat requests or remove repeat requests indicators or archive or unarchive requests or remove the billable status.


We welcome and look forward to hearing your feedback regarding the new updates. If you have any questions, feedback etc. please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Department at or 202.342.7090 ext. 101. Also don’t forget about the new Online Support Chat feature available in the Help Center of the Maintenance Center!

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