Sustainability: Proactive Tenant Engagement Delivers Immediate Value with Little Effort / Expense

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Tenant plug and light load represents upwards of 50% of a property’s energy consumption. As a result, most properties reach a threshold in infrastructure and common-space capacity to affect energy consumption. Additionally, retrofits and infrastructure can be time consuming and expensive.

“The importance of smart energy use in commercial buildings cannot be overstated, both in terms of the environment and the bottom line.”
-BOMA International

Proactive tenant engagement represents an especially cost-effective and expeditious way to mitigate property energy consumption and deliver real financial benefit. Further, proactive engagement delivers benefits that can have a marked effect on tenant attraction, satisfaction and retention. Proactive tenant engagement on sustainability has the capacity to influence tenant / employee productivity, counter absenteeism and increase job satisfaction. Employers who witness, or are seeking, such benefits will find and stay in buildings that deliver such attributes.

To learn more about how Electronic Tenant® Solutions can deliver the considerable benefits of proactive tenant engagement, contact us at or 202.342.7090 x102.


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