Communications: Instant Alert

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The Instant Alert app provides a timely and effective way to engage, educate and empower tenants, vendors and others associated with a property. The application allows for multiple, color-coded alerts to be posted to the Electronic Tenant® Portal, Mobile Property app and sent via email and/or text/SMS. Users can set alert delivery preferences so they only get information they want, when and where they want it.  Alerts can be pre-scheduled with a specific start and stop date/time and range from low to high urgency/severity.  The application allows file downloads and the posting of links to any website – including additional information in the Electronic Tenant® Portal.

Timely & Effective Communication at your Finger Tips

  • Desktop / Mobile / Email / Text – SMS
  • Severity / Situational Priorities
  • Pre-Program Date / Time Distribution
  • Multi-Property / Portfolio Distribution
  • Attachment Capable
  • Emergency Notification
  • Proactive Tenant Engagement
  • Initiative Awareness / Advancement
  • User-set Delivery Preferences

If you think this application is only for emergencies, think again! In a matter of minutes, you can set up and send an alert to one or all of your tenants regarding any type of communication, urgent and/or important.  We asked our clients and these are just a few of the ways in which they use our tools to help them communicate better with their tenants.

The IA Application from ETS is a no brainer for every Commercial Property Manager in that it provides a low maintenance, highly effective, and seamless way for the busy property manager to disseminate critical messages across multiple platforms at the click of a button. Communications are organized, trackable and distributed in a timely and organized manner.


  • Emergencies
  • Severe Weather
  • Road Closures/ Traffic Issues
  • Local or Social Events
  • Maintenance Activity
  • Energy Use Mitigation Tips
  • Health / Hygiene / Wellness Information
  • Preparedness Tips / Resources
  • Retail / Restaurant Specials
  • Fundraising / Charity Awareness (i.e. Breast Caner Walk)
  • Sustainability / Conservation Tips

The Instant Alert application is a tool that provides a seamless and efficient  distribution channel for urgent and important notices to all tenants preparing them for changing circumstances in and around the property.

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