Charity and ETS Apps


The holiday season is one of giving. Electronic Tenant® Solutions wants to help. 

Does your property support a particular charity? Do you host a toy, coat, food or fundraising drive? Are there holiday events you want to promote?

Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ communications apps provide a great vehicle for engaging property constituents (tenants, vendors, prospective tenants, guests, etc.) to raise awareness and grow participation in your property’s philanthropic endeavors.

The Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ Customer Service Team is at your disposal to provide ideas and guidance. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Post Building Calendar events related to the holidays – include links and downloads as well as calendar notifications.
  • Use Instant Alert (low level) postings, email and text/SMS to raise awareness and provide updates on charitable drives.
  • Use Email Notification to create holiday decorated emails promoting events and charitable endeavors.
  • Change the image on the home page of your Electronic Tenant® Portal to include charity and holiday messages.
  • All Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ communications apps have link and download capabilities allowing you to put more information at everyone’s fingertips – forms, invitations / calendar events, progress updates, photos – almost anything can be included.

Clearly, charity is not exclusive to the holidays. If your property sponsors, participates or promotes charitable endeavors throughout the year (i.e. breast cancer walk, blood drives, events, etc.) we are here to help!

Below is a great example of how the Instant Alert app was used to raise awareness for a toy drive.

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