Stay Cool With ETS Communication Apps!


How bad is the summer heat affecting your property’s bottom line? What about its ability to conduct everyday business?

In a recent article on, Jared Anderson analyzes the affects this summer’s heat wave has had on energy usage and commercial real estate.

Anderson writes:

“Intense heat up and down the East Coast has air conditioners cranking and power generators pushing it to the limit. With electricity demand in places like New York flirting with all-time highs, power prices are reaching staggering levels.”

Unfortunately, it is not just the cost of energy that has become a factor for property managers. Anderson also goes into detail about how power capacity and, more specifically, power failure are also realistic concerns:

“When power demand peaks to these levels and generators push equipment toward maximum capacity, it strains the transmission system or power grid, greatly increasing the risk of a power failure.”

Wondering what you can do, in your building, to help combat these energy scarcities and soaring prices? Here’s a solution: enlist the help of your tenants!

Electronic Tenant® Solutions offers several Communication Applications that can serve as valuable tools in the dissemination of information to make a quantifiable difference!

For example, use our Instant Alert Application to educate your tenants on the peak energy-demand periods during the day, as well as how they can mitigate their energy consumption during these periods!

To check out our Instant Alert Application, as well as our other Communication Applications you can use to help conserve energy at your property, click here

To view the full article by James Anderson, click here


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