Run Your Property on an iPad (tablet)

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Today’s property managers are always on the move!

They are constantly called upon to facilitate daily operations and address tenant needs, throughout their entire property.
As a result, property managers may not find themselves in front of their desk all day and need management tools that are as mobile as they are!
The evolution of mobile computing tools, such as iPads and tablets, has equipped property managers with the technology they need to manage “on the go.” This technology, however, is only as good as the applications utilized on it.

At Electronic Tenant® Solutions, our Applications lead the industry in mobile-compatibility. We pride ourselves on their effectiveness, and ease of use, on both iPads and tablets!

View a slideshow of how easy it is to use our Maintenance Center from your iPad.
To see the rest of Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ mobile offerings, check out our website.

Guided Tour of Mobile Property

Video: Mobile Property

Nielsen on U.S. Smartphone and Mobile App Grow

TIME Cover Story: Your Phone is Changing the World

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