Training Thursday – Summer 2013 Schedule

We are pleased to announce Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ Training Thursdays schedule for Summer 2013! On every Thursday from 1:30 – 2:30 EST we will conduct an open training session covering a specific topic or application(s) that we offer. If you are in need of refresher training on a specific application or if you want to learn more about an application that we offer, you are welcome to participate!

Upcoming training sessions:

1) May 23 – Email Notification Application – Using our Newly Upgraded System and features

2) May 30 – Prepared Property – Using Your Electronic Tenant® Portal and Apps to Communicate Emergency Preparedness to Tenants

3) June 6 – Conference Room Management Application

4) June 13 – Communication Apps: Creative Ways to Use the Building Calendar, Instant Alert, and Email Notification Apps for Better Communication With Your Tenants

5) June 20 – SRS Series Training 1: Add, Edit, and Process New Service Requests

6) June 27 – SRS Series Training 2: Using Billable Features and Billable Reports

7) July 11 – SRS Series Training 3: Using Alarms, Service Types, and Preferences

Interested participants are requested to sign up in advance by sending an email to:

Mike Holsey
202-342-7090 Ext. 120

Space is limited to 15 people per session to ensure effective training. If for some reason you cannot participate in any of the application training dates listed above, but still need the training, let us know and we can arrange a private training session for a particular property, group of properties, or an individual.

We look forward to your participation and hope you find these training sessions beneficial for you and your staff!

Indispensable, Informative & Interactive Property Communications & Management Applications

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Washington, DC 20007

Customer Service: 202-342-7090, Ext. 101
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