See which ETS Applications were recommended to BisNow!

Electronic Tenant® Solutions would like to thank our friends at First Potomac Realty Trust and American Real Estate Partners for recommending our communication applications to!

Bisnow is the largest commercial real estate events producer and publication in the US, covering 31 markets and national news. They recently conducted a survey of the favorite commercial real estate applications within the industry.

American Real Estate Partners recommended our Certificate of Insurance Tracking App and Property Contact Management App. They stressed both applications’ abilities “to keep buildings at their fingertips and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.”

First Potomac Realty Trust recommended our Instant Alert Application, citing its ability to “organize tenant notices from portfolio all the way down to specific floor.”

Again, our sincerest thanks go out to First Potomac Realty Trust and American Real Estate Partners; it’s the relationships that we have cultivated with valued clients like these that make our continued success possible!

To check out the entire Bisnow article, please click here

To learn more about our industry-leading applications, please click here

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