The Importance of Sustainability in a Circular Economy

Is your property doing everything it can to recycle? There may be serious financial gains to be made in doing so!

Sustainability has long been an important part of a property’s operations. What our industry is only just beginning to understand, however, is that in addition to its environmental impact, this movement also directly affects the property’s profitability.

In a recent article by Matt Twomey, Ellen MacArthur explained the concept of a ‘Circular Economy:’

Shifting toward a circular economy is about, MacArthur says, ‘changing your business model, changing how you design, your materials, your vehicles, so you can recover the parts or components, so you can sell them or lease them in another way.’

‘This is absolutely driven by economics,’ she says. ‘There is a massive economic opportunity out there to be taken without waiting for government legislation.'”

There is no doubt that the property manager who understands and embraces the concepts of the ‘circular economy’ and sustainability is in a much better position to ensure the health and success of their property. However, endeavors such as these require much more than your average bottle-and-can recycling efforts. A successful sustainability campaign should achieve success through meaningful adoption of company and property goals and objectives.

This process may sound daunting, but fear not; ETS has your solution!

Our Sustainable Property Package provides the virtual infrastructure for executing turn-key, pre-programmed campaigns that achieve tenant participation in property initiatives, ultimately delivering meaningful overall results.

The Sustainable Property Package includes:

  • The Electronic Tenant® Handbook, used as a central point of access for property initiative information as well as proactive vehicles for engaging and educating tenants;
  • Our industry-leading Communication Applications, pre-programmed with all of the campaign’s information and goals, in order to not burden property management;
  • The world-class support you have come to count on from Electronic Tenant® Solutions.

Interested in maximizing your property’s sustainability?

ETS’ Sustainable Property Package equips you, the property manager, with the tools to accomplish not only day-to-day green initiatives, but also long-term sustainability goals and benchmarks!

For a link to the entire article, please click here.

For further information on all of our Sustainable Property Package, please click here.

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