So much more than a survey…

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The Electronic Tenant® Solutions Survey Application is a diverse inquiry, information collection and analytical tool. The Survey App allows for the rapid and inexpensive deployment of surveys and questionnaires with multiple query and response options (i.e. rate, rank, satisfaction, agreement, score, etc.). Beyond understanding individual and group propensities, the agile infrastructure of the app provides for astute data collection, aggregation and analysis capabilities. Examples of such capacity include Punch List, Inspection, RFP / RFI and performance measurement and recordation. Information collection excels in a desktop, web browser, tablet and smartphone environment.

The app’s agile query capabilities allow for the creation of surveys / inquiries of any length including the capacity to utilize multiple response parameters (yes/no, satisfaction, agreement, rating – e.g., totally satisfied, totally unsatisfied; completely agree, completely disagree; rate very bad, bad, okay, good, very good) including narrative responses. Inquiries can be public, private and anonymous.

The Survey App can have multiple uses – satisfaction, propensity, incident response, vendor pre-qualification, RFI / RFP, punch list / inspection assessment and LEED transportation survey are several examples. The application has a simple survey creation wizard and comes pre-populated with multiple customizable surveys.

The app allows management to notify tenants, vendors and contacts of surveys, provide secure access to applicable surveys, track participation and progress as well as access detailed survey response reporting and analytical information.

Features & Benefits
• Rapid / Inexpensive Deployment
• Unlimited Use•
• Creation Wizard
• Pre-populated Surveys / Tools
• Better Understand Propensities / Preferences
• Ensure Satisfaction
• Multiple Response Parameters (Yes / No, Satisfaction, Agreement, Rating)
• Multiple Applications for Tenants, Vendors and Staff
• Notify Participants
• Track Progress and Participation
• Access Detailed Reporting & Analytical Information
• Mobile Data Collection

For more information or to schedule a personally hosted demo contact us at 202.342.7090 ~ Ext. 102 or

*within reason and License terms

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