Five Steps to Optimized Operations

Five Steps to Optimized Operations 

ROI: Healthy Buildings + Happy Tenants = Retention

Optimized operations technology provides a gateway to healthier buildings and ultimately happier tenants.

According to Kingsley Associates, tenant perception of how facility and management teams respond to requests is critical to tenant satisfaction scores.

When it comes to efficiently responding to tenant service requests, as well as performing required maintenance at a property, web-based technology is an essential tool for both management and engineering teams. The ETS suite of Operations Applications allows you to do just that!


The ETS Service Request Application provides a streamlined platform to manage and process all work orders; improving request response times and ensuring tenant satisfaction by providing real-time status updates.

With the ETS Preventative Maintenance Application, regularly scheduled and documented maintenance tasks enable engineering teams to optimize equipment performance to prevent costly system failures and extend the lifespan of equipment at the property.

All ETS Applications feature robust reporting capabilities, which can serve as powerful analytical tools to help increase tenant satisfaction and retention! The ability to capture and evaluate operational data ensures that service request expectations, as well as property maintenance criteria, are met. Furthermore, the ability to identify user behavior and trends allows for accurate forecasting to better anticipate and proactively meet tenant needs.

Finally, the ETS Mobile Task Manager App, enables users to view and manage Service Requests and Preventative Maintenance tasks, from any mobile device. Ensure that you and your staff are executing on all of your operational responsibilities, from anywhere inside, or outside, of the property.

Five Steps to Optimized Operations

  1. Tune Into Tenant Satisfaction – Create and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your tenants! ETS Operations Applications allow tenants or staff to quickly enter a request, auto-assign staff to respond, and provide updates throughout the process.

  2. Boost Equipment Performance: Equipment that is properly monitored and maintained will perform more efficiently, over longer periods of time, allowing for operational consistency, reliability, and tenant satisfaction. The ETS Preventative Maintenance Application streamlines this process by monitoring and tracking equipment maintenance and performance, to better predict and minimize future maintenance issues. In addition to increased operational efficiency,  scheduled preventative maintenance provides a more accurate forecast of future capital expenditures and minimizes due diligence associated with asset purchase and sale.


  3. Inform Your Tenants: Keeping tenants informed, through real-time communication, regardless of circumstance, can be a deciding factor when it comes to tenant trust, and ultimately, tenant satisfaction. Informed tenants are prepared tenants, equipped with information and procedures related to anything from hazardous weather conditions to a national pandemic. Well-informed tenants feel connected to their property. Being part of a collective encourages and empowers tenants to collaborate with management on property initiatives and goals.  

  4. Integrated Service Requests: In today’s ‘on-demand’ world, it is not enough to simply process requests. By employing a work order system with automated, real-time updates, and two-way communication, you can keep tenants informed, through all stages of the request. With the ETS Service Request Application, additional features like Notification Alarms and internal escalation, guarantee efficiency. Electronic Tenant Billable Approval minimizes wait-times to ensure a streamlined process. Capabilities such as these can be the difference-maker when it comes to a building’s actionable data, performance, and operational efficiency.

  5. Create Transparent Data: Benchmarking is a key to improving property health. To provide a complete view of operational, equipment, and personnel performance, ETS Reporting capabilities allow for comprehensive data collection and analysis through customizable reports, downloads and charts. Reports can be set to recur on a specified schedule and can be shared with key personnel via email.

    The overall health and performance of a property is contingent upon many factors. Local climate, regulatory context, property history and tenant requirements all present their own unique challenges for both management and engineering staff. ETS can help to meet these challenges with Operations Applications that work to maximize property efficiency, reduce expenditures and improve tenant experience and satisfaction!