Efficient Communication is Key to Tenant Retention

Communicating with Tenants Has Never Been Easier!

The ETS Communications Application allows property management staff to send professional communications, through multiple channels, from any desktop or mobile device. Send an email, text, in-app notification, add a calendar event, and/or post a Portal banner from a single Communication.

This time-saving application will keep tenants informed using professional, brand-consistent messaging. Recipients can include all contacts in a single building (or entire portfolio), preset groups (Primary Tenant Contacts, Fire Wardens, Sustainability, etc.) or selected tenants, staff members, or vendors. Communication templates can be created and saved ahead of time for use in the event of a building emergency, severe weather, construction updates, newsletters, and much more!

Timely and regular communication is paramount to tenant satisfaction and retention. The ETS Communications Application is a cost-effective solution, enabling property staff to send branded, professional communications with just a few clicks.

This intuitive, easy-to-use, software allows property managers to strengthen their connection and overall relationship with the tenant population by keeping them informed and engaged with all aspects of building tenancy. Contact ETS today for more information or to schedule a free demo.

Single Platform for All Communications

  • A single platform providing multiple forms of communication including email, text, in-app notifications, banners, and calendar events
  • Send communications from any desktop or mobile device
  • Download the mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Customize email templates and signatures for brand-consistent messaging
  • Streamlined all-in-one messaging cuts send time in half
  • Setup and save important communications ahead of time for important alerts, emergency situations, ongoing property initiatives, construction updates, preparedness, sustainability, etc.
  • Save communication templates for Newsletters, Building Memos, Elevator Maintenance, etc.
  • Provide professional, consistent, efficient, and effective messaging

Customized Email Templates & Signatures