The Meridian Group leverages ETS Communications for portfolio success

The Meridian Group Case Study:  ETS applications keep tenants informed and safe during the Pandemic

ETS Communications

The ETS Communications Applications is a multifaceted messaging platform, empowering property management with the ability to keep all of their contacts up to date on everything going on, in and around their building(s).

This comprehensive Application utilizes several distinctive methods of communication, including email and text messaging, as well as interactive calendar events and banner messages, all from a single, streamlined platform.

In the event of an emergency, the ETS Communications Application is ideal for the fast and efficient delivery of real-time notifications and updates.

The Communications Application is also great for circulating daily news and information (weather, traffic, holidays, closures, construction), and proving access to frequently requested documents (food menus, newsletters, forms, waivers).


  • Single platform for Communications – Mobile App, Email, Text, Desktop & Calenda!
  • Mobile Tenant Center App Access (iOS/Android)
  • Send Notifications to Mobile App, Email, Text and Desktop at the same time
  • Branded Notification Templates
  • Third Party Calendar Integration
  • Easier / Faster Authoring, Editing and Sending
  • Pre-Programmed Notifications (never forget a building holiday)
  • Save and Reuse Regular Notifications
  • Send Recurring Notifications
  • Pre-Loaded Content for Sustainability and Preparedness Initiatives and more…