NEW Service Request Features and Upgrades

At ETS, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions for every aspect of your buildings’ operations! We continually strive to improve upon our Application offerings, to ensure that they remain amongst the leaders in our industry.

It is with this in mind that we are excited to announce another update to the Service Request Application!

This update contains several significant improvements, all geared towards increasing workflow and performance efficiency.

Upgraded and enhanced features include:

Service Request Timeline:

We have completely revamped and streamlined the Service Request Details page! Our new Timeline feature provides you with a comprehensive view of the Request, from the initial request submission, all the way to when the Request is completed.

In addition, a comprehensive Communication Log allows you to quickly review all of the status updates, and corresponding communications messages, associated with the Request.

‘On Hold’ Feature:

The ‘On Hold’ feature, allows your staff to ‘stop the clock’, or pause the work time associated with a specific service request.

Whether your team is waiting for a specific part to arrive, awaiting tenant approval, or dealing with any of the factors that can delay a work order, the ‘On Hold feature’ allows you to identify and account for this downtime.

The new ‘On Hold’ feature, feature will grant you unprecedented accuracy when it comes to efficiency tracking!

Staff Hours and Holidays, Additional Closures:

We have also incorporated new elements into the ‘Preferences’ section of the Service Request Application to increase Reporting-accuracy and efficiency- tracking:

 Staff Hours and Holidays ensures that the proverbial ‘clock’ does not start on service requests that are submitted outside of normal business hours.

The Additional Closures feature allows you to identify and account for any other extenuating circumstances (staff sick days, fire drills, etc.) that may cause inevitable delays when processing work orders.


Finally, we have made substantial upgrades to the Reporting features of the Service Request Application.

We have incorporated new metrics to help improve data collection and analysis as well as increase Report accuracy.

These updates will enable you to gain new and valuable insights into areas such as:

  • Work Order Fulfillment
  • Performance Analysis and Benchmarking (Staff and Vendor)
  • Forecasting and Allocation of Time and Resources

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