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Providing security at large commercial office buildings requires a balance of internal preparation, appropriate security staffing, and proper tools to quell tenant and visitor fears.  Retired Airforce colonel and counterterrorism expert, Jennifer Hesterman, told the WSJ recently that safety policies should expand to the perimeter areas of a property, like parking areas as well as adjacent amenities, like restaurants.  Due to the increased numbers of incidents involving gun violence in the US lately, tenant expectations for safety and security at the workplace have increased.

As property managers and owners, we are continually tragically reminded of why safety and preparedness are so important – on both the national and international platform. The events in Orlando, Nice, and Dallas, to name a few, are extremely sad an impactful incidences that should provoke us to evaluate what safety measures are in place for tenants and visitors to our properties, and how we communicate the proper protocols for personal and building safety.

In the case of most if not all emergencies, especially an Active Shooter, time is truly of the essence.  Seconds can mean lives.  Setting up instant alert communications, text messages and referring tenants to procedures on a property website, like an embedded video, can save time and lives before and during an event.


ETS is currently offering all Electronic Tenant® Portal clients free insertion of the FBI’s active shooter preparedness video.

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Providing tenants with detailed emergency preparedness information, including active shooter, helps allay fears, bolster security and increase tenant confidence and overall satisfaction.
Image-2ETS’ Mobile Property allows for mobile access to emergency preparedness information on the fly



runhidefightWhen an active shooter is in the vicinity you must be mentally and physically prepared to deal with the situation. Click here to get more details on active shooter response protocol.

Don’t forget to see what’s new at our new website on ways you can meaningfully advance property preparedness campaigns.  For more information on the Instant Alert tool click here. For more information on the Email Notification App click here.

From our ETS family to yours.  Stay Safe. Get Prepared.




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