Ian’s Apps: Reeder 2

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.17.06 PM
My app of the month this month is Reeder 2. Reeder 2 is an RSS feed reading app that allows me to quickly consume and share news from multiple sources.
RSS stands for Really Simple Sindication. RSS feeds contain simplified content from Web pages – blogs, news stories, as well as corresponding audio and video content.
Instead of having to go to multiple Web sites to get news, all of my news sources are consolidated in a single app. I can quickly read summaries, access complete stories and share articles in a great user interface (UI). Content is super clean, no ads or pop-ups. Simple swipes allow access to full articles from the original source and there are great sharing options for email, text and saving in the app or to corresponding productivity apps like Evernote.
My RSS news feeds include Bloomberg, CNBC, Politico, Reuters Top Stories, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Globe Street, Biz Journals, ESPN, Daring Fireball (tech blog) as well as other interests.
If you’re a news junkie or just want to consume and share news quickly, Reeder 2 is a great app.


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