Traffic = Opportunity

What if you had a direct line to hundreds of tenants?

If you could empower them to be safer – better prepared, act more sustainabily, cater to their specific interests to improve their experience in your property?

You can!

The AON Center, a premier Chicago property (2.7 million square feet), managed by JLL, had over 12,000 users who generated 18,000 sessions viewing over 114,000 pages in the property’s Electronic Tenant® Portal.

Cush Wake-managed 400-450 North Brand (420,452 square feet) in Pasadena, CA, had over 6,900 users who generated nearly 18,000 pages in the property’s Electronic Tenant® Portal.

This many “eyeballs” represents an invaluable opportunity to engage a proven tenant audience.

The continued evolution of technology has provided the opportunity to turn a one-way street into a powerful interactive environment that substantially enhances the tenant experience.

When we first started making property websites, over a decade ago, the goal was to create a resource where people could go to find up-to-date information, 24/7/365. We sought to replace the antiquated tenant manual in a printed – binder form. It was generally a one-way street – visit to find what you need to know.

Today a web presence (desktop and mobile) is just a part of the equation. The key to enabling a collaborative, interactive environment that drives tenant attraction, satisfaction and retention is combining a centralized Web hub with communications tools that cater to a user’s specific preferences.

The key to successful tenant engagement and education is capitalizing on the accessibility of today’s constantly connected tenant. By catering to their specific interests and particular communications preferences, properties can break through the cacophony of this digital world. Technology plays two roles: it is the conduit to a massive audience but also provides the opportunity to take advantage of the penchant of the individual. Today’s technology also affords for the automation of the communications process alleviating considerable weight from the shoulders of overburdened management teams.

Proactive engagement delivers benefits that can have a marked effect on tenant attraction, satisfaction and retention. Proactive tenant engagement has the capacity to influence tenant / employee productivity, counter absenteeism and increase job satisfaction. Employers who witness, or are seeking, such benefits will find and stay in buildings that deliver such attributes.

Contact us to learn more about how you can engage your tenants to substantially advanced property goals and deliver a superlative tenant – management experience.

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