Congrats AMA Plaza on Chicago TOBY!

Congratulations to Susan Hammer, Courtney Stern, Riverview Realty Partners and the entire team of Chicago’s AMA Plaza on the 2014-15 BOMA Chicago TOBY!

AMA Plaza TOBY recognition is based on “excellence in building management, operational efficiency, tenant retention, emergency planning and community impact.” The property / team won in the prestigious and competitive “over one million square foot category.”



Photo: AMA Plaza’s Electronic Tenant® Portal including Green Tip via ETS’ Instant Alert app.

“Susan has been a long time client and friend,” said Ian O’Neil, Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ President. “The team at AMA Plaza makes us look good,” he continued, “they use our apps and services with immense capability and it shows.”

AMA Plaza’s Electronic Tenant® Portal had over 7,800 users who generated over 55,000 page views in 2014 (Google Analytics).

The property team capitalizes and garners momentum from this engaged audience by proactively providing green tips, a substantial and detailed sustainability information (they have a food composting program!), emergency procedures, as well as promotion of the property’s considerable amenities (cafe, fitness center, conference space, to name a few).



Photo: AMA Plaza’s Electronic Tenant® Portal’s Sustainability Chapter.

The property will go on to compete in the North Central Regional TOBY competition with the category winners advancing to the finals in Los Angeles in June.

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